How I Try to Be Consistent in Realizing My Idea

Having an idea and then executing it is not an easy thing. That’s why this quote exists:

Ideas are cheap; execution is everything – Chriss Sacca, Investor of Twitter and Uber

One of the toughest challenges to realizing an idea is to keep working on it consistently. Then what? Get bored and lost in motivation, after it’s been running for too long.

I have experienced those in realizing my idea become reality. For sure there will be other challenges to face.


I have some tips for you, who are trying to realize your idea and to keep you motivated to pursue your idea into reality.

Remember the feeling at the time when you found the idea

Just like your unforgotten first love, treat your idea like that. The day when you feel so excited and you think you can change the world with that. Always ringing in your mind and you eagerly start to explore the idea.

Remember that feeling and use it as an encouragement when you start to get lost with all sense of the excitement in developing your idea.

Take a break, but don’t take it too long

Do it bit by bit but consistently, rather than doing a lot but intermittently. Make it your small habit until things are done.


When you take a break too long, it will be hard to start again and you may forget which thing you were working on.

Interspersed with other tasks

It is by nature that we will get bored with repetitive tasks. To avoid this, try interspersing with other tasks. For example, write something about what you’re doing right now.

Telling your idea is not a bad thing. Don’t worry if someone “steals” your idea because it is only you who can understand your unique idea. Besides that, sharing your idea can be a means of initial exposure and there is a possibility that you will get feedback from readers, which will be useful for making improvements.

Write a Todo list in a place that is visible and accessible

This is pretty effective to make us always remember what things must be done for your idea. It makes you focus on the items you have to work on.

unnamed (1).png

It also provides easy access when you need to add or update something, with no more than 3 clicks.

Close to supportive people

Feeling alone is also a factor that decreases motivation. It is important to always get support from those (who are) closest to us.

You can join a community that has the same interests and goals. Indie Hackers, Makerlog, and Ramadan Maker (this is my favorite one) are just some mentions of the community if you are interested in bootstrapping your digital product.

You can share your experiences, give and receive constructive critics and suggestions, give and ask for help in developing your idea and also support each other.

There will be much more challenges to face. Just do it! at least you’re trying. It can be your awesome journey and not everyone could experience it. Your persistence and commitment will be paid off.

That's all! Until next time!

Psst!! I'm currently building another awesomeness, this is my second idea, so stay tuned!